Frequently Asked


Everything you need to know before booking a villa in Moraira with HMR HOLIDAYS

How is the COVID situation in Moraira?

For information about the current situation in Moraira with COVID we recommend you check our dedicated article on the blog updated weekly : CLICK HERE  

For information about Spain and COVID in English we also recommend the English version of El Pais

What measures are you taking to protect guests ?

We take your health and safety very seriously, especially during these difficult times.

All properties are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional and certified company :

  • All surfaces are disinfected with professional products 
  • All soft furnishings as well as mattresses, curtains etc are being treated with a special disinfectant
  • Outside furniture, BBQ, door handles etc are thoroughly cleaned
  • We have removed non-essential items (decoration, flyers etc) from the properties to limit risk of contamination
  • Once the cleaning team finishes cleaning the house, the property is sprayed with a special aerosol

We always wear a mask for check-ins and we ask our guests to do the same. Please limit the number of people inside the property while one of our agents shows you around.

On your check-in day we also ask our guests to please not step into the property until the cleaning process is over, even if you arrive early. 


What services are included in the price?

Electricity and water bills are included in the rental price. However, we kindly ask our guests to be mindful of their consumption as electricity is especially expensive in Spain. Only switch on air conditioning if you are in the room and if all windows and doors are closed. This does not apply to winter long term lets. 

Wifi is available in all our properties, free of charge and unlimited. 

Bed linen and towels (does not include beach towels)


Cleaning after your departure

Local taxes and V.A.T



 Mid-stay cleanings. They can be arranged but at an extra cost.

Extra Callouts: for issues generated by guests’ negligence or misuse of equipment ( for example lost keys)

Welcome packs: We will leave a little welcome gift for you but if you’d like a full welcome pack please let us know in advance

Extra linen 

Cots and highchairs


When do I need to make payments?

The first 30% is paid upon booking, the remaining 70% is paid 1 month before your arrival. We will get in touch with you for the second payment. Payments can be made with debit/credit card and bank transfer

We accept following payment methods : 

– Bank Transfer

– Credit cards : MASTERCARD and VISA  ( AMERICAN EXPRESS are not accepted)


Can I request an invoice ?

HMR Holidays only operates as an intermediary between you (the renter) and the owner. As such, unlike hotels, we cannot issue invoices for your stay, as the income isn’t ours and this is a transaction between 2 individuals. 

We can however give you a receipt for the payments. 

Can I cancel free of charge if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel, free of charge, up to 30 days before your arrival : 

  • More than 30 days before your holiday – free cancellation 
  • Less than 30 days before your holiday – NO REFUND 

We also strongly advise our clients to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before your stay

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

No. We have decided to include free protection against damage in the villas, which means no security deposits are required, leaving you with more money to enjoy your holiday!

Examples of items covered – Broken parasols, plates and glasses, linen, sunbeds, electrical items associated with the villa etc

Examples of items not covered – Personal injury, theft, loss or damage of personal items, malicious damage to the villa

Can I bring my dog with me on holiday?

Pets are allowed only at selected properties, please enquire before booking.

We ask that you only bring your pets into pet-friendly properties as some owners/clients may have pet allergies. Pets are not allowed on sofas and beds and into swimming pools. The owner will be responsible for picking up after his pet and for any possible damages.

A fee of 30€ per pet will be charged to cover additional cleaning.

Is is possible to organize a celebration in one of the villas?

We allow smaller celebrations such as birthdays etc as long as the amount of guests staying overnight does not exceed the maximum occupancy of the property. We ask you to please let us know if you are planning an event, as we may need to inform neighbours and you could need a licence from the townhall (for loud music etc). 

Larger scale celebrations such as weddings are not allowed unless HMR Holidays has given you written permission. (extra charges and guarantees may apply). 

Seminars, retreats etc can be allowed but HMR Holidays needs to be informed of the exact amount of guests and their information needs to be sent prior to check-in. 

We also ask guests to be mindful of neighbours !


Do the properties come with bed linen and towels?

Yes the property will be made up before your arrival and each guest will receive a set of one large bath towel and one small towel. Villas with private pools will also have pool towels. 

Bath mats and kitchen tea towels are provided. Linen and towels won’t be changed daily but we offer the possibility of a free change of linen and towels for stays over 7 nights. In this case we kindly ask you to strip all the beds and leave linen and towels at the front door. The cleaning team will pick them up and leave fresh linen but won’t make any beds. You will have to make your beds yourself. 

Who will have access to the villa during my holiday?
  • Maintenance and cleaning staff : pool, cleaning and garden maintenance workers will access the villa once or twice a week. These companies are legally registered and only authorized staff will access the properties. You will be notified if any other maintenance work as to be carried out. Please keep in mind however that we do not manage pool and garden staff, we can’t confirm exactly when they will turn up. 


  • Our HMR Holidays Staff : In case of maintenance issues we will access the property with your permission. We will agree a time to carry out our visit and no one will access the property without you knowing.

We ask our guests to DENY ACCESS to the properties to anyone other than these two categories, even if they appear to be representing an official organisation, as they might be scammers.

Please inform us immediately if anyone is asking to access the property.

Will my villa be cleaned during my stay?

Your cleaning fee covers cleaning before and after your stay.

Mid-stay cleanings are not included in this fee and you will be responsible for cleaning the villa during your holiday. However, we can always arrange for a cleaner to come for a couple of hours if you are willing to pay for it. Extra cleanings have to be booked in advance and can’t take place on weekends. 

What items can I expect to find in the houses?

Please check the amenities section of each property.

You will find hair dryers, dishcloths, cleaning spray, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets, kitchen rubbish bags etc. Depending on the property there may be books, games, pool toys available, please ask us if you need any additional details. Previous guests may also leave non-perishable items such as tea, coffee, sugar etc in the pantry.

We provide one roll of toilet paper per bathroom/toilet, guests will have to buy enough rolls for their stay. 

What time can I check-in and what time do I need to check out?

Check-in officially starts at 16h00 and ends at 19h00. Summer is a busy time for us and the cleaning company and we need time to thoroughly check the properties before our guest’s arrival. 

If the property is ready before 16h00 we will always do our best to check you in before. Early check-ins can only be confirmed the week before arrival. We kindly ask our guests to not try to enter properties early if the cleaning team is still working. 

Check out is at 10h00. This enables us to check the property and have it cleaned and prepared for the following guests. Depending on the property and its calendar, late check-outs can also be arranged. Please contact us in advance if you wish to leave the property later than 10h00. 


How will I collect the keys of my holiday villa?

You will receive an automated email with the check-in instructions. An HMR Holidays agent will meet you at the property to check you in and show you the property. We ask our guests to let us know when they leave the airport  and when they leave the highway so we can organise your arrival.

If you don’t feel confident about finding the property we can also meet you somewhere else and then take you to the property. 

Can I contact you if we have an issue?

Yes of course, we are here to help and make sure you enjoy your holiday ! Don’t be shy, we can also recommend restaurants, activities etc 

We do ask our guests to respect office hours for any inquiries : 09h00 – 18h00. We will be available outside these office hours for EMERGENCIES only. 

What do we classify as an emergency ? 

  • If you need medical assistance etc 
  • If you are locked out of the villa or you have lost the keys 
  • Water or Electricity cuts 
  • If you have had personal items stolen or the villa has been broken into 
  • Fire or flooding ( call 112 first though 😉 

For any other issue please contact us during office hours only. 


We have a late flight, can we check-in after 19h00?

Sure ! We can arrange a late check-in from 19h00 and 00h00 in case you have a late flight or your flight is delayed.

The late check-in fee is of 50€ to be paid in cash upon arrival. 

Check-ins after 00h00 can be arranged depending on your arrival hour. Higher fees may apply, please enquire.

What do I need to do with our rubbish?

Rubbish should be taken out regularly to avoid ants etc.

We kindly ask our guests to please take all the rubbish out of the villa before their departure. Leaving rubbish in the house creates a lot of extra work for both us and the cleaning team during the busiest time of the year. 

Here is a little guide to rubbish in Spain :

rubbish in spain

What happens if we damage something in the villa?

We expect a normal amount of wear and tear in the properties and the odd broken glass. However, if something does get damaged while at the property please inform us immediately so we can get it fixed or replaced in time for our next guests.


Do I need to clean the property before checking out?

We ask our guests to leave the property as clean as possible !

Please take all the bins to the corresponding containers and put the dishwasher on. The house will be cleaned after your check-out but any extra cleaning over and above what is considered to be a standard clean will result in an extra charge.

What to do before you leave : 

  • take all the rubbish to the containers
  • make sure all the dishes and cutlery are clean and put back in the drawers
  • strip the beds 
  • put outside furniture where you found it
  • If you have any non-perishable food left and don’t want to throw it away, please put it all together in a bag on the kitchen counter.


Do I need to rent a car in Moraira?

Unless the property you are renting is in town and you won’t be visiting any neighbouring towns (Javea, Calpe etc), we strongly advise all our guests to hire a car. Taxis are limited and extremely busy during the summer months, you might have to wait for at least an hour to get a taxi in the evenings. There are also many beautiful beaches in the area that are accessible only by car.

We also kindly remind our guests that we cannot provide transportation to the properties. You need to ensure that your transfer drops you off directly at the villa. 

Any extra recommendations for my stay?

Air conditioning 

Temperatures rise in the summer and we all like to stay cool. However we remind our guests that air conditioning units cannot realistically cool rooms to a temperature lower than 20º. We recommend setting all units on an average 22º temperature maximum. We don’t charge our guests an electricity fee so we ask them to be mindful of their consumption. Electricity bills can skyrocket in the summer. Please make sure all units are turned off when you leave the room.


We recommend not leaving any food out on kitchen counters, tables etc. Ants and cockroaches can spread extremely quickly in the summer and they are not the kind of guests we want in our villas 😉


Wifi is provided in all our properties however some areas in Moraira have less signal than others and internet speed could be slower. There is nothing we can do about it as it is a general problem in the area.


Our maintenance team will clean the pool twice a week during your stay. To make sure your pool stays clear and doesn’t go green please follow these tips :

  • Most of our properties have an outdoor shower – Make sure to rinse before using the pool
  • Sun creams and oils are a pool’s worst enemy. Keep in mind that NO formula is truly waterproof so all the cream ends us on the surface of the pool and alters the chemical balance of the water. This can turn the water green within 24h.
  • We try to make sure that all pools are spotless for guests arrivals. However on windy days, some leaves or bugs can end up in the pool. This doesn’t mean the pool hasn’t been cleaned.



There’s nothing like spending the afternoon around the pool with a cool drink and some nice tunes ! Just keep in mind that your neighbors might not share your musical preferences or enjoy very loud music during their “siesta time” or after 00:00. Make sure volume is set to a reasonable level during the day and turned off after 00:00.


We do not expect our guests to clean the villa however we ask them to remove any rubbish and opened food from the kitchen, to turn off the AC and make sure all doors and windows are closed. Leaving rubbish in the house creates a lot of extra work for our cleaning team and will affect their schedule. 


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