Moors and Christians in Moraira

the biggest party of the year

If you are visiting Moraira in June, you are in luck! The city hosts its biggest Fiesta of the year.

Officially the celebration lasts for three days: The Conquista, The Reconquista and the Grand Parade. However, the party goes on for nearly two weeks with daily processions, live music, fireworks, giant paellas, unlimited drinks and mascletas ! Want to find out more about the Moors and Christian Festival in Moraira? Follow our guide!

The History behind the Moors and Christians in Moraira


The Moors and Christians Festival is an ancient Spanish tradition that dates back to the 14th and 15th century. The celebrations commemorates the war between Christian Soldiers and Moorish invaders during the end of the 13th century. They are especially popular in our area as the Moorish invasion was more widespread between Alicante and Valencia.

The Christian Army was first crushed by the Moors who established their rule over the area.  Their influence can still be seen in some of the local architecture and area names (Alcazar, Benimeit, Benidoleig etc). These events are part of the Conquista reenactment. Later on, although outnumbered, Christians soldiers managed to take back the area and rid the region from the threat of Moorish invaders. This part is called the Reconquista. The Castle of Moraira and the Torre de la Vigia are part of the defense mechanisms built during that time to protect the coast.

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The importance of Moors and Christians in Moraira

Although most people only get to see the explosive fiesta during this three-day celebration, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to get everything ready. Locals meet in “filas”, teams with a specific name, leaders and headquarters. Half of them represent the Moorish side, Half of them the Christian side. Filas are usually gender-separated  although nowadays we do see mixed teams. They meet all year to raise money through different events, work on their costumes and rehearse their grand Parade.

More than just a party, this festival is an event that brings local villages together to try to outshine previous year’s parades. There is also a fierce competition between villages to host the most exuberant, luxurious and impressive show.

Want a sneak peek of what the Moors and Christians Festival is like in Moraira? Watch this video 

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