Tourism Legislation for Holiday rentals in Valencia


New Tourism legislation, licences, Cedulas, complaints books etc….being a holiday rental owner comes with many obligations and responsibilities and we know it can be quite confusing.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In today’s article we have summed up all the steps you need to take to make sure you are complying with local legislation and avoiding fines and sanctions.

These tips apply mainly to DIY hosts in the Valencian Community – Don’t forget that if you decide to rent with us or another agent, you won’t have to do all of it yourself ! Other parts of Spain have different rules on holiday rentals so make sure to check with your local Tourism Board what applies to your area. 

 1 ) Obligations of Holiday Rentals Owners in Valencia 

1. Properties on communities

If your property is on a community, certain rules regarding holiday rentals may apply. Communities have the right to limit or prohibit holiday rentals. Make sure that you are indeed allowed to advertise your property and that you are complying with the rules. 


2. Registration of the property

Registrating the property with the local tourism board is mandatory and you won’t be able to advertise on major platforms without a licence. Heavy fines apply to owners who do not abide by the rules  so don’t chance it !

Step 1 : Informe de compatibilidad urbanistica 

You will need to go to your local town hall and ask for this simple form. You will need to give some basic information about the property and pay a local tax ( around 50€). Once your application is approved you will be issued a code that you will need for Step 2.

Step 2 : Registration of the property 

  • First, download and fill in this form – CLICK HERE 
  • Add a copy of your passport and NIE number
  • Then add a copy of the Licence of  Occupancy ( Cedula)  for the property
  • Add a copy of the Code you received previously and the number to the form you’ve downloaded too.
  • Next submit your information to your local Tourism Registry  Offices  ( Valencia or Alicante ) by post or online

Valencia :  Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo 15, 46003 Valencia. 

Alicante :  Calle Churruca 29, 03003 Alicante.


How long does the process take ? Between the beginning of the application and the final issuing of the licence it can take around 2 months depending on the number of applications in your area.

Who can help me registering my property ? If you decide to rent with an agent, they should help you register. Otherwise you can use a personal lawyer or asesor to submit your application.

3. Displaying you licence number

All holiday rental owners have to display their licence number on any listing and advertisement involving the property.

A board showing your licence number will also need to be displayed in your property, inside or outside. It needs to be clearly visible and preferable in your hallway, entrance hall etc.

  •  Pantone 485
  • measurements  200×276 mm
  • 6 microns and 10 mm radius corners
  • Communitat Valenciana Logo

It looks like this :



4. In the property

The rental property has to offer a certain standard of quality to the guests :

  • Must be fully furnished and have cutlery,  linen and appliances.  All bedrooms have to be equipped with a wardrobe.
  • Colour TV.
  • The kitchen must have at least two stoves and must have a fridge, oven / microwave and smoke extractor.
  • Washing machine is a basic requirement too. 
5. Energy efficiency

Having an Energy Efficiency Certificate for the rental property is also legally required. 

ONLY EXCEPTIONS : If your property is rented out less than 4 months per year, or in case the energy consumption makes up less than 25 % of your yearly consumption. 

Where to get this certificate ? It must be issued by a registered technician. LEARN MORE 

It is valid for 10 years and must be provided to your guests if they ask to see it. 

6.Complaints Books

In addition to all that, you must have a complaints book ( Hoja de reclamacion). This book is issued by the Territorial Services of Commerce. You will have to pay a fee and fill in this form.


7. Registering guests with the authorities

Finally you will have to keep a register book of guests. The date of arrival and departure must be indicated on the form which has to be signed by both the guest and the owner. 

This register must be submitted to the Guardia Civil within 24 hours from the check-in of your guest :

  • In person at your local Guardia Civil
  • by Fax 
  • Online

Entries must in fact be kept for a minimum of 3 years dated from the last entry in the file/folder/book.


 2 ) Fines and Sanctions 

Minor infractions
  •  Not displaying your Tourism Licence Board or displaying a wrong one 

  • Cleanliness and equipment that does not meet hospitality standards

  • Poor  treatment of guests.

  • Not keeping a record of invoices etc  


FINES : up to 600€ 
Serious infractions
  • Give guests false or misleading information on the property 
  • Lack of provision of services or very deteriorated services
  • Lack of Complaint Books available to guests, or refusal to provide it. 
  • Breach of contract or terms and conditions 
  • Misleading pricing or charging a higher price than agreed
  • Refusal to issue invoices. 
  • Refusing access to a  Tourist Inspector. 


FINES : up to 6000€ and 6 month closure of the property 
Very serious infractions
  • Lacking the required documentation ( licence etc) 
  • Not complying with fire safety and hygiene regulations
  • Illegally advertising your house ( without a licence etc)
FINES : up to 90.152,00€ and 3 years closure of the property 
by Léonie Gremillet

by Léonie Gremillet

Marketing Manager

Léonie has joined HMR Holidays in 2017 after 4 years managing a successful holiday rental agency and writing articles for, providing advice to homeowners. She is now in charge of Marketing and Foreign Clients Liaison. She covers anything related to tourism in Moraira and local legislation.




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