Coffee in Spain

Ordering coffee in Spain can be quite confusing if you are not used to the local terminology. Can’t tell the difference between cafe manchado, cafe solo, bombon etc ? Then take a look at our guide : How to order coffee in Spain.

The Classics

Cafe Solo

Cafe Solo is as close as you can get to a traditional Espresso. Cafe Solo is traditionally longer than an Italian Espresso and less strong.



Cafe con Leche

Cafe con Leche is made of half a cup of black coffee – half a cup of hot milk.

  • If you want cold milk to be added ask for ” cafe con leche fria
  • If you want more coffee than milk ask for “cafe con leche corto de leche
  • If you want more milk than coffee ask for “cafe con leche corto de cafe



Americano is a Cafe Solo with added hot water. It is much smaller than the English version of an Americano though. If you want to add water yourself ask your waiter for some ” agua caliente aparte“.


The Special Orders


A Cortado is 2/3 coffee and 1/3 milk and is very popular in Spain.


Cafe Manchado

Manchado, meaning “stained” is a Cafe Solo with just a touch of milk.


Cafe Bombon

Cafe Bombon is 2/3 coffee – 1/3 condensed milk so quite sweet ! Usually served in a small glass.

Cafe con Hielo

A coffee served in a glass with ice

Very popular in the summer



Descafeinado simply means Decaff.

There are two options in Spain :

  • Descafeinado de maquina which means made from the coffee machine
  • Descafeinado de sobre : This is instant decaff coffee ( very popular with older generations)


A Cafe Solo with a touch of Brandy, Whiskey, Bailey etc


Milk Temperatures

Leche Fria

Leche Fria : Cold Milk


Leche Templada

Leche Templada : Room Temperature Milk


Leche Caliente

Leche Caliente : Hot Milk

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